Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Satellite Surveillance/Harassment Technology

In all of these years I was in a documentary movie in Iran and all my body, thinking, visualization, speech and all emotions, actions and dreams were controlled by Satellite Surveillance/Harassment Technology, Directed Energy Weapons, Neurological Weapons And Manipulation Technology and all other methods And I have no control over the actions, emotions, speech and behaviors and I was denied my best feelings during all of these years.

All activities, my feelings and discourses recorded under pressure and are involuntary and non-reliable and mostly belong to other people.They make me admit to crimes that i've not done and i can not imagine doing it.

They showed different fact with other people imaginations, please remember that I’m a good person not that monster they shown.

They destroyed my brain and gave the control of my brain to another persons.

Amin Ollah Amani Salabdari  
(Amin Amani)